Our Service
Access Star is dedicated to providing complete customized manufacturing and engineering services worldwide. With facilities in the China and Taiwan, Access Star has over 5,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space and over 200 employees worldwide. We are ISO9001 certified.

After Market Services

Our comprehensive After Market Services (AMS) enable us to support our customers globally with their reverse logistics and repair requirements. We receive constant feedback from our customers that our ......

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our worldwide supply chain, partnership approach and team of specialists will guarantee the best components for your product, every time. We work in collaboration with our customers to provide them ......

Manufacturing Services

Our solutions are tailored to you: our global network, extensive knowledge and years of experience enable us to provide single commodity or integrated services that are unique to your needs.

New Product Development

Our New Product Development service can be tailored to your unique needs. Some customers come to us with the outline of an idea and, in these cases, we undertake the whole project – from concept ......

Our Market
Our China engineering and supply chain capability allows us to successfully compete in this area assisting our customers in designing easy to manufacture products with a bill of material (BOM) that is properly specified and cost effective. Our engineering and supply chain experts will look for ways to improve your products, and will suggest alternate components to drive out cost or improve reliability and quality.

Communications & Networks

Our vertical integration and global footprint combined with our experience and knowledge in the communications and networking sectors, allows us to offer a breadth of service that is of great interest ......


We have developed a detailed and passionate understanding of the automotive market from many years working with the world’s most respected companies.

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and commercial customers require a distinct set of skills from their EMS providers. Access Star has built a strong reputation in these areas thanks to our unique set of China , vertically ......